Screen Printing

Most of us never really think about the world of screen printing, but it has an affect on all of us in some way or another. Maybe it's your favorite shirt, or a memorable poster design, or even flags (or signs, or jackets, or mugs...the list goes on). Screen printing is an age-old technique that has been modified through the use of some amazing technology and creative people. At Wear Haus Designs we utilize equipment manufactured by the top company in the industry. In January of 2017 we expanded our operation to include a brand new M&R Sportsman automatic press which is capable of printing ten colors at a time. We also purchased a new gas-powered dryer, giving us capabilities to print with water-based inks, giving the garment a softer hand (the ink doesn't feel rough to the touch or sit heavy on the garment).

We've printed on everything from shirts to paper bags. Promotional materials are one of our specialties. Contact us today for more information on what we have to offer!