The Wear Haus Way

At Wear Haus Designs we place a lot of value on the opinions and voices of our customers. After all, we’re here because of you! We frequently receive and implement feedback to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

When it comes to garment decorating, not all companies are created equal. Shops come in all types and sizes and finding a great one can be harder than you think. From inexperienced “garage shops” with one manual press to experienced “industry shops” with 1000-shirt minimums, quality and price run the gamut.

So what does that mean when it applies to Wear Haus? Whether you need one garment or 10,000, we work to get you the highest quality workmanship at a fair price.


We feature top quality inks from companies like Rutland, One Stroke, and Wilflex. Industry-leading inks utilized with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our expert printing team selects the best inks for each project.


Our screen printing department features machinery produced by the #1 screen print manufacturing company in the world (M&R). Wear Haus uses top-end automatic presses allowing us to print thousands of shirts with tight registration swiftly and efficiently. Many smaller shops use manual hand presses that are great for small orders but lack consistency and often times struggle with registration on more complex jobs. Automatic presses enable us to print higher volume, lowering the cost of printing on larger orders.

We utilize some of the most reliable and accurate embroidery machines available. We are currently capable of embroidering 23 garments at once, or up to 5 separate designs at once. Our machines are fast, with most orders being completed within days instead of weeks.


Screens vary widely from frames to mesh. Cheap screens can hurt quality with prints not lining up and/or loss of detail. It’s also very important to know and understand that not all screens are the same. Different inks require different screens and the tension of those screens will affect how the print comes out. At Wear Haus, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort researching what screens and processes are going to deliver you the best quality product possible.

Artwork Proofs/Approvals

If you know anything about textile decoration, you know a lot can go wrong. If you don’t know much about textile decoration, the sheer thought of this can be pretty scary. It’s important to feel good about your order and have a realistic grasp on what your items will look like when they arrive to you. Once your order is submitted and paid for, our graphic designers prepare digital artwork proofs showing what the artwork looks like on your chosen item (in most cases). After your review, we correct any changes before production begins.

Example screen print art proof

Example embroidery art proofs

Your Orders Are Important to Us

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at our contact page. It’s our goal to provide you with great service, top quality craftsmanship, and affordable pricing. We love our customers!