Terms and Conditions

Also known as “the fine print.”

Pre-Production Samples/Sew-Outs

Pre-production samples are the only way to ensure imprint accuracy. Wear Haus Designs will not be held responsible for slight shifts in color without a pre-production sample/sew-out.  We will run one sample for your records. Pre-production samples will be billed within 30 days of printing regardless of order status.

Photo Proofs

Photo proofs can be emailed, free of charge, on orders over 1,000 pieces. If the customer responds with changes, depending on the change, the job may be rescheduled and billed as a pre-production sample.

Virtual Proofs

Virtual proofs are created and emailed to the customer at the order entry stage of the process to ensure accuracy of art and placement. It is up to the customer to review these proofs with great attention to detail to guarantee they are correct before approving, therefore Wear Haus Designs is not responsible for errors in approved designs. We must receive your approval before the order can proceed to production.

Customer Separations

Process separations supplied by the customer will not be accepted.  Our separations are created specifically for our factory depending on the decoration method. We have a talented team of graphic designers who are happy to help make your vision a reality. Contact us for more information.

Art Revision Fees

Each order includes 30 minutes of art time to prep the file for printing at no charge.  The first customer revision is free, however any revision requests after the first free revision will incur a $45/hr fee, per project.

Printing on Youth and Adult Garments

If different size screens are needed for printing the same design on youth and adult garments then print charges will be based on separate runs.  However, an imprint size can sometimes be determined to accommodate all sizes, so please call for advice.


Order cancellations may be confirmed in writing up to three days after the order is placed.  A restocking fee of 20% of the total order cost may apply. Cancellations will not be accepted for orders that have already been produced.  For non-profit cancellations, any associated costs leading up to the production of your order will be invoiced accordingly.

Unique Locations

Printing over seams, zippers, collars, or other unique locations may lead to ink build ups, registration issues, and coverage and consistency issues.  Unique locations are subject to garment style and sizes for each individual order. In some cases we may be restricted, so the art will be sized based on the smallest garment (or a certain style if you are using more than one style in your order).

Printing Tolerance

We allow up to a ½ inch movement tolerance in any direction per imprint.

Neck Tag Printing

Neck Tag Printing on the inside of the shirt will typically show through to the other side.  This is especially noticeable when there is high contrast between shirt color and ink color (black ink on a white shirt, for example).  To minimize this issue please request a neck tag print color that has enough contrast to the garment but isn’t so dark/light that it might easily show through the garment. We’re happy to help you choose ink colors based on your project.

Production Time

Production time begins once a complete purchase order, acceptable art file, and garments are received. The standard turnaround is two weeks. If you need your garments before the standard production time, a rush fee may apply.

Garment Reaction to Heat

Tags, garments, and decorations may shrink slightly when exposed to heat during the ink curing process. This is a risk inherent in the nature of the materials when exposed to heat, and something that we cannot control. If you’re not sure about your chosen garments we can help you choose an appropriate garment for your project.

4 Color Process Printing

This process uses CMYK printing. By using detailed halftones and laying them over each other, we are able to print a full gamut of colors. Although very precise, many times the exact Pantone® match is not possible. If there is a need for an exact color match a spot color will be added into the pricing and production run. We will add a maximum of two additional spot colors for each process print.

Discharge Limitations

Discharge inks will only work on 100% cotton material.  An exact PMS match is not possible and the imprint color will vary based on the color shirt and dye lot.

Dye Migration Warning

Polyester and nylon dye migration happens when the dye in the fabric of the garment is sublimated and turns into a colored gas. It will then try to escape the garment and can get stuck in the ink applied to the garment. It will slowly permeate through and can discolor the ink slightly or completely, depending on the garment and the print process. Darker colored garments are more likely to migrate (red, blue, black, etc). Dye migration may appear hours or weeks after the ink is cured. Wear Haus Designs uses polyester inks and nylon additives to attempt to lower the chance of dye migration, however we cannot completely control this issue. The customer must accept the risk of dye migration when printing polyester, polyester blends, and nylon goods.

Foil Longevity

Foil is a topical heat-pressed effect that is adhered after the garment has been decorated with either standard plastisol inks or special foil adhesives. Foil is not a permanent decoration as rough abrasion or harsh washing will cause foil to flake and come off of garments. For best results, wash garments inside out, on a delicate cycle, in cold water only. Foil can last 1-5 washes depending on care of garment. We offer a basic palette of foil colors, and specialty colors can be ordered.

Unclaimed Garments

Garments that are in our possession for more than 90 days become the property of Wear Haus Designs. It is the customer’s responsibility to claim any garments before this deadline. Misprinted and damaged garments become our property after 30 days.

Dispute of Quality

We will replace any garments not produced at our standard of quality. This does not apply to garments supplied by the customer. Claims must be made within 10 days of receipt of merchandise. Please contact us for more information.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are calculated based on the actual weight, distance traveled, declared value, and type of shipping service you specify (ground, next day, second day, etc). We cannot be held to the shipping charges estimated. Complete packing and shipping instructions must be finalized 48 hours in advance of your ship date to ensure prompt delivery of your order.

Handling Fees

Each order will incur a $3 handling fee per package shipped.

Shipping Insurance

Orders will be insured upon request. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges unless prior arrangements are made.

Blind Shipping

Blind shipping is available upon request at no additional charge.