Here are the most frequently asked questions at Wear Haus Designs.

Can you (insert crazy idea here)?2017-02-17T15:02:24-04:00

We always love a good challenge! From embroidering grill covers, to screen printing shopping bags, to laser etching wood, we’ll do whatever we can to supply you with quality work. Drop us an email and let’s get creative together.

Do I need to pay for my order now?2017-02-17T15:06:13-04:00

Not necessarily. Payment arrangements vary based on the customer. Contact us for more information.

Do you have a spoilage rate?2017-02-17T15:26:37-04:00

Most other textile decorators demand up to a 5% spoilage rate, which means you may or may not receive your entire order. At Wear Haus we always strive to give you everything you ordered. If any of your garments are misprinted, incorrectly embroidered, or otherwise damaged, we will replace the garments at no charge to you. We want you to receive 100% of what you order, and most of all we want you to be 100% happy.

Can you work with items I purchased elsewhere?2017-02-17T15:29:36-04:00

Of course! Certain limitations apply though, so your best bet is to email us and we can talk it out.

Can I mix shirt sizes & do I need to order in dozens?2016-11-07T13:15:42-04:00

You can order as many different shirt sizes as you want and you don’t have to order in dozens. Get in touch with us on the Contact page for more information on ordering garments for your project.

Can I mix and match garment and decoration colors?2017-02-17T15:30:21-04:00

The short answer is yes.

For screen printing, different shirt colors might require the addition of an underlying base of ink (we call it the “underbase”). Going from a dark shirt to a light shirt, for example, will require a different color combination which could add to the final cost of the print. It’s best to contact us for the most accurate information regarding your particular project.

For embroidery services, the color combinations do not affect the final cost. Pricing is determined by the amount of stitches in the design. For accurate pricing and more information on the embroidery process, drop us a line.

Is there a minimum order quantity?2017-02-17T10:01:46-04:00

Screen printing:
We will print a single shirt if that’s all you need. However, due to setup and preparation times, the best price breaks take affect at higher quantities. Additional fees may apply depending on your order specifics. We recommend printing at least 24 garments for best pricing.

We embroider single-garment orders every day. There are no additional fees regarding your order quantity. We do charge a digitizing fee for the initial creation of your artwork, but then we keep it on file so there are no further charges. The fee depends on the complexity of your design, so contact us for a free quote.

What is your turnaround time?2017-02-17T10:26:31-04:00

Typical turnaround time is around two weeks. Complex designs or orders with extra add-ons may increase turnaround time. If you have a deadline for your order, please let us know when placing your order. A rush fee may apply depending on how soon you need your order completed.

What are setup fees and why do you have them?2017-02-17T10:40:28-04:00

Screen Print:
Screen printing is a multi-step process that requires a lot of setup and preparation to perform with excellence. After factoring in the setup time and costs involved, we have determined that any order with less than 10 pieces will have a setup fee of $45, plus $1 for each garment. Orders with special features (for example, tear-away tags) may require setup fees as well. Get in touch with us for more info.

The process of embroidery is very different from screen printing, but still requires much preparation to accomplish. For example, when placing a new order, we must digitize your artwork. To digitize a design, we utilize specialized software to trace and calculate stitch counts and thread colors. The digitizing fees are based on these stitch counts. We only need to perform the digitizing process the first time we stitch your design, so it’s a one-time fee. For the most accurate quote, contact us today!


How do I prep the files?2017-02-17T14:56:29-04:00

Screen Print:
All of the files we print from are vectorized. Files from software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw are great for this sort of thing. Files from Adobe Photoshop (and related programs) are usually output in raster format. To use these files for printing purposes, our graphic designers must recreate the artwork in a vector format. This process can sometimes take a great deal of time, so we charge an art fee for designs that take longer than a half-hour to recreate. We try to make you aware of this ahead of time if we think a piece of artwork will incur art charges.

To learn more about vector art, click here.

We recommend that you send us your artwork in the highest quality format available. We will then determine if it needs further editing before being digitized. Unlike screen printing, we can digitize from a wider variety of file types and formats.

How large can my artwork be?2017-02-17T11:12:21-04:00

Screen Print:
Since we love a good challenge, chances are that we could print almost any size with the proper time and tools, however in most situations we’re limited by the size of our screens and press pallets. On our auto and manual presses, we can print up to 15″x 18″.  We are capable of handling large-format orders though, so your best bet is to contact us for specific information.

We utilize swift, high-speed machines with computer-driven components to ensure accuracy across all sizes and designs. We can embroider a design measuring up to 14″ x 14″ on most textiles and garments. On hats we can embroider up to 2.25″ tall, and our standard left-chest design is around 4″.